Saturday, April 28, 2012

Murals And Hut Designs in Zondo

Before sharing the beautiful and interesting murals and designs I saw on the buildings in Zondo, I just want to say a few things about the amazing man who was our guide.  Arthur Crusoe is the sort of man who adopts war orphans and raises them as his own.  He is the sort of man that leaves a good paying job (by Liberian standards) in Monrovia so that he can oversee a school in rural Zondo to educate his people.  He is extremely overqualified for this job and also extremely underpaid for his work.  He shared with us stories from Zondo’s past and hopes for Zondo’s future.  Arthur is also one of the presenters that the people of Zondo picked to speak when the President of Liberia, Madame Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, visited [view here]. 

Back to the tour of Zondo…. I will let the pictures of the murals and designs speak for themselves although one of the murals involves a riddle-story that I will explain in full in a later post.

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