Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ebola Treatment Center: A First Hand Account

Here is a powerful first hand account of what it is like working in an Ebola Treatment Center in Liberia. Dr. Kwan Kew Lai's blog is entitled Ebola in Liberia. This link opens in a new page and takes you to her first entry; the day before she left for Liberia on October 13th, 2014. Some very emotional stories about trying to bring healing to those you can't touch.

Education and Ebola

Ebola wanes in West Africa and I pray it continues to do so, however I continue to hear reports (just last week) of new cases in Monrovia. What will the future hold? I don't know, but I do know that education plays a key role in future containment. (Think of how ebola was not able to spread in the US as compared to West Africa and you begin to see the benefits of having both educated specialists and an educated public).

However, here is the situation: Schools still can't open because parents haven't been able to find work to cover basic educational expenses (a problem before the ebola crisis) and children have been out of school for over a year. (The opening date was recently pushed back from February 2, 2015 to March). This only delays the problem of affordable education for a future generation that can more effectively combat a repeat of this sort of crisis, not to mention the impact on the economy, food security, infrastructure development, and other health related issues like ebola. 

Meanwhile, this account by Dr. Lai is worth the read, if for nothing else than to reinforce the need for future development in Liberia.


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