Thursday, July 4, 2013

Join Me In A Liberian Parade!

Ready for the start of the LCHS Homecoming Parade through Buchanan

Complete with brass band!
Happy 4th of July!  In keeping with the festive spirit of the day I invite you to join me for a few fun filled moments in a parade through Buchanan, Liberia.  We were recently invited to join a parade through the streets of Buchanan by the Liberia Christian High School Alumni Association.  For you Bucktown people... The parade began on Tubman street near the old Welcome Sign (which has apparently been temporarily removed until road & sidewalk construction is complete); It continued to the main Market road and then went by the old Army Barracks all the way to Liberia Christian High School.  Quite a hike!

One of the Standard Bearers getting ready to march with the LCHS Banner

The parade was in celebration of the LCHS Homecoming.   There was a Homecoming Queen, speeches, a small brass band, a confrontation with a peen peen driver, a rain storm, dancing children, marching, chants, banners, food, singing, and an overall amazing Liberian experience.  Let the pictures, captions, and videos tell the story...

The Parade begins:

...And the band begins to play...

...On Tubman Street...

The streets remained active during the parade!  I wonder if they got their city permit?

Nasser's Supermarket on Tubman where I used to get comics and candy as a kid is still in operation after all these years!

Gas Station on the side of Tubman --- Notice that parts of Buchanan now have sidewalks!

Students from Bassa High School enjoyed the parade as well.

Parade on Tubman -- Notice the newly paved roads complete with dividing lines that were actually sometimes even used!

The interaction with the people on the street was mostly yelling hello and people dancing to the music and/or saluting

A Congo-style house in Buchanan on the Parade route

....And then came the rain!!!

The guy leading a lot of the underclassmen chants and songs asked me to take his picture

St. Mary's Catholic Church in Buchanan

Off Tubman Street the roads are back to washed out dirt roads

...Finally arriving at the LCHS Campus...

Taking a short break after a long march through Buchanan

The Band chills under the old shade tree

...Then on to the Homecoming Ceremonies, Speeches, and food...
The Homecoming Queen was crowned after being "sashed" with the words: "I sash you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

The Homecoming Queen is escorted back to her seat 
on the platform after her speech

Dad was re-united with an student from the 70's!

The Banner is retired post-parade against the main hall of the LCHS Campus

*** For some pics of another Parade through Buchanan back in "Normal Days" check out this earlier post.

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