Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Liberian Teddy Bear

Teddy Bears chilling on the living room curtain rod

 There is hardly anything that can put a smile on my face like the ubiquitous Liberian "teddy bear".  In Liberia all stuffed animals are called "teddy bear" (pron: teh day beh) whether they are actually a bear or not, and these guys are found everywhere! 

Elmo is watching you!

In fact, whenever you enter a Liberian home do not be surprised to find these 'teddy bears' being used as a form of interior decor in many of the main living areas.  In other words, these 'teddy bears' are not relegated to the bedroom of children as is often the case in the States, but rather they are proudly put on full display in prominent places all throughout many Liberian homes.  I for one have to say that there is something about seeing Sonic the Hedgehog chilling out with Boots, Scooby Doo, and Elmo on top of a window curtain in the middle of Liberia that just brings out feelings of awesome and childhood glee. 

Scooby and Eeyore look forlorn. Is it because they mourn the ineffectiveness of these non-functioning donated CRT monitors?

Nothing can keep you company
quite like a giant purple
I'm not sure of the cultural significance or the feng shui of this phenomenon, but I have to tell you I really enjoy seeing Liberian 'teddy bear' decor and hope that you have enjoyed this brief taste of it as well. And you know, at the end of the day, who doesn't want to come home to some colorful, huggable, soft, fluffiness? I hope you've enjoyed these decorating ideas straight from the Land of Liberty...

Yes, this frog and bunny would both be called 'teddy bear' in Liberia.
The Strawberry Shortcake TV dust cover goes with the theme.
This purple guy always put a smile on my face when I walked into the room, although I somehow felt some uneasiness (perhaps for the safety of the Easter chicken on the stereo speaker?).
As a side note: pay no attention to calendars on the wall in Liberia. They are often just there for decoration as well and are usually several years old.
Relaxing with friends is always best done with teddy bears around you! Peace to Liberia!


  1. That totally rocks, Brother! I'm going to have to deck my halls with fluffiness now. What a great idea. It'll be all the rage in the US soon, as soon as folks see how cool my house is going to be...

  2. And I hope to be down South to see your new home decor sometime before the end of this year... :-) I need to call you brother! Peace :-)

  3. You should come to our home too. Hundreds of self-made teddy bears living together with us in a "birds nest"

  4. I hope we can do that Peter! That would be great :-)

  5. I have lots of "action figures", mostly Star Wars, decorating my desk. Much to the chagrin of Silvana.