Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An African Queen in Mourning (Part 1)

Tubman Center for African Culture, Robertsport, Liberia

Our truck broke down at the top of an overview of Robertsport.  I’m kind of glad it did because it allowed us to to slow down on our whirlwind tour of the area and take it all in for a bit.  Robertsport is best seen on foot.  Before we tour this gorgeous town I want to take you inside an amazing building next to where we had broken down.  
Entranceway - Tubman Center for African Culture, Robertsport, Liberia

My Vai friend Jasper told me that it was called the Tubman Center for African Culture.  At one time it housed rare African artifacts and records that were sadly lost during the war.  Hopefully these items were simply looted and will one day be rediscovered and returned, but perhaps they are lost forever.  There is a feeling here as if the building were mourning her ravished treasures.  I seriously felt like I feel when I hear someone sobbing, but there was no sound except the whispering ocean breeze.  It was heartbreakingly beautiful.   I can still see her once great glory through the wreckage and perhaps I am not the only one…


Next time we'll explore upstairs...

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