Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Robertsport Sandbar

A mangrove plant growing on the Robertsport sandbar.  Cape Mount is in the background.
On Robertsport Beach you can walk out onto a sandbar that divides the beautiful Lake Piso from the Atlantic Ocean.  At the very end of this sandbar the Atlantic and Piso converge as this 360' video shows.  (The video starts with the Atlantic Ocean and pans right revealing the Sandbar and then Lake Piso and Cape Mount as it makes a full circle...)

My descriptions of this place won't do it justice and neither will these pics but they will give you a bit of an idea of how beautiful this place is.  Standing out on the Robertsport Sandbar you are surrounded by water on all sides.  You feel like you are in a different world as you watch the waves of the Atlantic as they sometimes crash into smaller waves coming out from Lake Piso.  A perfect place to sit and just "realize".  I'll let the pics and captions do the talking for the rest of this post... Enjoy!

The Robertsport Sandbar - Atlantic Ocean to the left; Lake Piso on the right

View from the Robertsport Sandbar back towards Robertsport and Cape Mount.  

"Dependable God" Canoe.  Lake Piso is in the background

Walking back towards Robertsport on the Robertsport Sandbar

Lake Piso and Cape Mount in the background

Lake Piso

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