Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Woman Who Brought Me To Liberia

Mom with a Liberian girl - 1976
Happy Mother's Day!  I am so blessed to have a simply amazing woman as my mom!  Today I share a few pics of her just being a mom and care giver in Liberia.  They only tell of a small fraction of her amazing-ness, but just seeing her in action should tell you the kind of outstanding woman I am so blessed to have as my mother.  Not only is she the one (along with my dad) who first brought me to the beautiful nation of Liberia way back in 1976, but she also taught me how to show love with action.  I'm so proud of my mom!

Cleaning up her messy boy beside our super cool baby blue Renault

Our First Christmas in Liberia - 1976

Mom in Doedein, Grand Bassa County (now River Cess), where she was doing medical training c. 1985

Mom with one of two severely malnourished twins c. 1985
(She was able to nurse them both back to health)

Mother of the twins.  She was so happy to have her twins back healthy!

Mom giving a shot at clinic she helped start in Camphor, Grand Bassa County

Mom with one of the medical teams she helped train c. 1986

Mom with baby in Liberia c. 2007

I returned last summer (2011) to Liberia with my mom.  My mom had already been returning to Liberia for years, even before it considered safe to travel there (whatever safe means).  She is braver than I!  She is planning on returning again this summer and on and on for the foreseeable future.  Her love for Liberia is contagious and I'm glad I caught that from her!  As you'll notice from the pics, she has consistently shown love for Liberia and been a true "Ol' Ma" to her people!  Did I say I was proud of her?  Love you mom!


  1. Heath: I've been reading through your blog with interest, and figured this was as appropriate a post to comment on as wife and I are considering moving to Monrovia to help run a major teacher-training project to help improve literacy in the early grades of school, and we're hoping to get in contact with expats currently living there. We've got a pair of kids under 5, and just have a number of questions we'd love to pose to people - we're just having a hard time tracking folks down. If you'd be willing to correspond, I'd be deeply appreciative. My name is Timothy Slade, and my e-mail address is fullfirstname.fulllastname at gmail. Best, TS

  2. Sure, I'll send you an email and let's talk Liberia!